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3D Scalp Micropigmentation 

Are you not quite ready to give up in the fight against hair loss?

3D Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP) is a great alternative to traditional methods of drugs (and their side effects), or potentially dangerous, certainly unpredictable hair transplant surgery (usually more than one procedure is needed).

 SMP fills the gap providing a low maintenance, low-stress, noninvasive solution with super quick recovery times. 

Let 3D Micropigmentation Master Artist Narisara, and her husband Aaron, give you a great look that works perfectly with your style. Whether that's light, soft and natural. Or a hairline with a crisp, robust and youthful edge.

We use a multi-step,"layering" system to build up the color. The result is an extremely natural and organic hair growth pattern.  

SMP is very cost effective when compared to the traditional methods, without ANY of the huge downsides associated with surgery or drugs.

We have also had great success covered up extensive scarring resulting from all too common transplant surgery procedures gone bad. If you are dealing scars we can help there too.

Give us a call.

We are always more than happy to sit down and walk you through our process. 

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