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Permanent Cosmetic & 3D Microblading Training 

Welcome to Luxury 3D Brows Classes
A career in Permanent Cosmetics can be one of most rewarding and lucrative careers in the beauty industry. Not only will you improve lives of others by applying time saving permanent cosmetics to a woman’s face, but you will have the opportunity to help people who have conditions such as alopecia, scars as well as cancer survivors. We see lots of happy tears in this business and it is very rewarding.


Our training programs are well rounded with the most comprehensive curriculum and hands on training. You will learn color theory, sanitation and sterilization, various styles of tattooing eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.


Luxury 3D Brows will be your support system in both the art of permanent cosmetic application and business.  Each beginner course comes with the tools you need to be a success.  This proves to be invaluable for those of you just starting out. Being a great artist is only part of being a successful business person. We can help you succeed.


3D/Microblading Class & Combination Brows. Authentic, traditional, Luxury techniques. Coming to your located

Are you looking to expand your skills and your client base? 
Your new life as an in-demand 3D/Microblade artist is waiting for you.

3D/Microblading is absolutely taking the nation by storm. Would you like to be making $300+/hr. or more? When was the last time you made $1000 per day?!?! 

Narisara is one of the VERY FEW artists in North America, actually trained in Asia. Although still relatively new here in the US. The tools and techniques have been used in Asia for nearly 30 years. Not all artists/techniques are created equal. Why settle for watered down techniques?

(I am fixing so many bad brows these days) Learn the fine art of 3D/Microblading from a true master artist with nearly a decade of experience.

You deserve the best and so do your clients. 

Don't miss this amazing opportunity at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE!

Hold your seat today 



"Some people say I'm a miracle worker...well maybe, Really I am just enhancing the natural beauty of each of my clients. While at the same time making their lives just a little simpler. You too can have a dramatic affect on your clients lives."


Model $150 for Procedure

Please Send Us the pm. Message 801-906-3314

Training Program

We offer a wide range of instruction from introductory through advanced topics.


3 Days Advanced+ 3D Microblading Microshading Technique

Includes basic removal techniques (1 Models) $2,500 Special $2,000

3 Days Advanced+ Ombre Techniques

Includes basic removal techniques (1 Models) Special $2,000

3 Days Course PMU Nano Eyebrows Training ( 1 Models ) $2,900 

Special includes Advanced PMU Machine tattoo removal Course $2,600 

5 Days Advanced+ 3D Microblading and 3D Powder techniques+ Ombre' Technique

Includes basic removal techniques (2 Models) $3900 Special $3,500


10 Days Permanent Cosmetics/3D Microblading Combo Master Class Includes basic removal techniques

(4 models) $6,900 Special $5,900


5 Days Course PMU Nano Eyebrows Training ( 2 Models ) $3,900 

Special includes Advanced PMU Machine tattoo removal Course $3,600      


 Intro Permanent Cosmetic Supplemental Training     

( Hand Tool and PMU Machine Techniques)

 1 Day  Intro Permanent Eyeliner (1 model) $990     


1 Day Intro Permanent Lip Color (1 model) $990    


2 Day Intro Eyeliner and Lip Combo (2models) $1800

1 Day ADVANCED PMU Machine Tattoo Removal Class $990

2 Day Intro Areola (1 model) $1800 

**Setup a Class Schedule with Master Artist Narisara at Studio or Send me a Message here 801-906-3314**

Hurry save your seat in Narisara's next training session

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