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             Narisara is Utah's premier 3D/Microblade artist. Trained specifically in the art and technique of 3D permanent makeup. Narisara has performed more 3D/microblade procedures than anyone else in Utah. (With 14 years of experience no one even comes close.) That's right one of North America's most experienced artists is right here in your backyard.


           The 3D technique has been practiced in Asia for more than 30 years now. As the technique slowly made its way around the globe, it has been re-named "microblading" here in the western world.


           Narisara completed her extensive professional training at one of the world's premiere beauty training schools in Bankok, Thailand; the beauty capital of Asia. Since then Narisara has helped hundreds of women (and men) from around the world regain confidence and simplify their lives.


         Narisara is very proud to offer the highest   quality permanent cosmetics here in Salt lake City.   A natural artist, let Narisara's skillful hand and incredible attention to detail,  give you the beautiful look you have always wanted.

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